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  1. I think this is a good point , those manuals are about 50% too pricy in my opinion. I'm sure they are great, but they are expensive compared to other manuals I have come across. It's worth a thought that perhaps twice as many people would buy them if they were 50% cheaper and therefor the author would earn the same.
  2. Great thanks Pat, thats exactly what I needed
  3. Is it possible to spread one viewport on 2 or more sheets? (I have a drawing that is too big for one sheet and I want to place it across 2 or 3. Something similar to what I am talking about is easy with Adobe InDesign.
  4. I would suggest that Vectorworks should in time abandon the Lightworks engine for another one. It is just so much inferior than many of the competitors. An obvious choice would be the Cinema 4D render enginge (since it is owned by Nemetschek ). That makes much more sense to me instead of licensing a sub-standard rendering engine from another company (lightworks.) Just my 2 cents on Renderworks.
  5. Being able to work in perspective view easily. Zoom in and out orbit around object, edit objects, make new objects and not having a border limiting the view. For reference exactly what I am talking about is the default view when you open google sketchup.
  6. That is really superb work Gog. Any chance you can post the Vectorworks file for me to examine how you set up your model?
  7. Hi sorry for the late reply, I finally got around to try what you are suggesting. I still don't get it. Am I supposed to find any of the special characters in the preferences.xml file and then replace those with the codes on the HTML escape character webpage? I don't find any of the spec. characters in the .xml file. I know nothing about programming and code so you really have to explain this to me like you would to a 5 year old
  8. Thanks for your response Orso. Actually it seems that only the text tool supports the special characters. What do I do, copy and paste the information from the link into the xml. files? Cheers
  9. Are any of the VW developers monitoring the forum that might have any soloution to this?
  10. Yes Pat, Quartz imaging is indeed turned on so that does not seem to be the issue.
  11. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?> yes, thats what is says. What does that mean?
  12. Well I just found out that the drawing label tool doesn't support foreign characters either
  13. The callout tool does not support Icelandic characters such as ?, ? and ? while the text tool and every other tool that uses text seems to support it. Do you guys know if this is a bug or am I missing a setting somewhere?
  14. Thanks you for all your input. This is a very responsive forum, which is important
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