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  1. Is there a way to get the slope dimension tool to show fractions instead of decimals?
  2. Is there a way to show a 4" hollow metal masonry head on the frame of a Vectorworks 2013 door?
  3. From what I've read on past post, there are a number of people having issues with Xerox plotters and vectorworks. We have both Mac's and PC's running VW 2010 and having issues with our new Xerox 6604. Has anyone found a driver that will work correctly with Xerox plotters and vectorworks?
  4. I currently have Vectorworks 2010 on a Windows XP computer and I've been having more issuses crashing Vectorworks 2010 then I had with Vectorworks 2008. My question is if I update to Vectorworks 2011 is this going to be the same or get worse being it's built more for Windows 7? Also when will Windows XP not be supported by Vectorworks programs?
  5. I just tried the file on a Mac and it shows correctly. It has to be a glitch with vectorworks showing in windows xp.
  6. There has to be a bug. It acts like a bug because if I keep clicking on and off the viewport it will change from 1/8" to 3/16" in the object info box. I just had another guy in the office open the file and he had the same issue I did. We both have VW2010 SP4. with windows xp.
  7. There is no confussion between the drawing scale label. When I click on the viewport the object info says the scale is 1/8" and that is not correct. When I orignally set the viewport scale I picked 1/8" from the object info - scale drop menu. What I get is a box saying 1/8" and a viewport at 3/16". This is a serious glitch in the program.
  8. Here is one of the files doing this. When I open it and click on the viewport the object info will say 1/8" scale but it isn't. If you click off it and back on to the viewport the scale will change in the info box.
  9. Vectorworks 2010 has a glich with the scale of Viewports. We've had several drawing files with one or multiple viewports showing the incorrect scale. The Object Info of the viewport will call out 1/8" scale but the viewport is showing a different scale. The design layer and viewport have the same scale. If I go and change the viewport layer to another scale and then back to 1/8" it may or may not scale correctly. I've got SP4 and we still have the glitch.
  10. Is it possible to make a double door with one leave bigger then the other in VW2010?
  11. In VW 2010 is there a way to convert a basic 5" wide wall with no fill into two lines without deleting doors and windows. When I ungroup the wall it makes a centerline and a filled polyline. I don't want either of these to appear. I just want the two basic lines. Is that possible?
  12. Never mind. Found the problem. Corrupt file folder.
  13. I have a number of files recently saved in VW 2010 with all the updateds to service pack 3 that can not be opened now. I get a message saying the files were saved in a newer or to old of a version. Any ideas on how to get them to work again?
  14. MBMD


    Does anyone know where I can get a Ledgestone hatch?
  15. MBMD


    Is there a new version of Autocad out that VW 2010 can not import?
  16. I have the same problems with 2010 and SP2. The walls being attached to each other and moving together is a big issue the needs to be fixed. Turning off the auto connected wall mode helps some but then you have to clean up all the walls manually. I've also had a problem with associate dimensions preventing objects from being moved.
  17. MBMD

    Data Stamps

    Has anyone noticed the new update data stamps when printing setting doesn't work when the data stamp is in a symbol? Is there a way to get it to work?
  18. Thats what I was looking for. Thanks
  19. Does 2010 have a way to put a opening in the middle of a ceiling grid? I know the work around ways of doing it but I'm asking if the ceiling grid tool has a create hole tool?
  20. Turned it off and it still rotates the letters.
  21. VW 2010 SP2 It doesn't appear to be a printer driver problem seeing how it does it both printing to paper and printing to pdf using adobe. I've had other text issues with just adobe but never with our Xerox plotter.
  22. I've got a problem with vectorworks turning text 90 deg. when it's printed. It has done this a couple of times now. With text in a veiwport and text on a sheet layer. Usually I can just retype the text and it fixes the problem. Is there another way to fix it? What could be causing it?
  23. MBMD


    Under SmartCursor Settings, Object category, (Nearest Point on Edge) is deselected by default now. You need to turn it on to be able to snap to intersecting lines at any point on the line.
  24. MBMD


    Yes it's on
  25. MBMD


    In the new 2010 the snaps only seem to be only snaping to the nodes on lines. Snap to intersection doesn't work the same way it did in 2008. Is there any way to make it?


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