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  1. Solved, islandmon, thanks, you were right, I copied the font from the XP-PC to the 7 and Vista and it works.
  2. sorry for late answer, i have a lot to do. islandmon, do you mean my font-files are corrupt or i have a "kind of" system error. The strange thing is, that we have the problem both on a Vista and a 7-PC (different ones) on XP not.
  3. Both - export through file export and printing via freepdf - have the same effect.
  4. Hi, we have a big problem with pdf-export (the same i encountered with pdf-print) in Vectorworks 2009 (Windows Vista and Windows 7) The pdf displays bold text as normal. See the attached pdf and jpg. We have no acrobat installed, we do pdf-printing with freepdf Thanks for help
  5. Sorry that I didn't answer: With the newest driver we solved the problem. Thanks.
  6. In German Vectorworks-Forum, some have similar Problems with Windows7. I think Nemetschek should test this, and perhaps fix this "bug", if no one found a solution!? http://www.vectorworksforum.de/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1661
  7. Hi, we have a new PC with Intel Core2 Quad 4GB Ram and Nvidia 9400GT with Windows7 64bit installed. When trying to change colors of an Object in Vectorworks 2009 the Color Palette opens very slow. It needs about a second. This is very annoying, cause I have to change colors often. The latest graphic driver is installed. Can someone help me on this, thanks produkteam
  8. Hello, I have a lot of drawings in different page-sizes (from DIN A3 to DIN-A1) and I want to Export pdf in DIN A4 from each file. So I need a VS that sets the page size to DIN A4 and the page scale (depending on original page size to 71, 50 or 35%). The pdf-export then can be done manually. Is this possible? Does someone has an idea how to do it? Thanks mika
  9. Dank je well, Gerard. I tried it by my own (and had a look on your script while doing it). Its not pretty but works for me. I will post it soon. Thanks for help!
  10. Thank you, so I will calculate.... Bye M
  11. Hello, I want to make a round wall in Vectorscript (that's not the Problem) at the moment it looks like this: {I need the center at 0,0, therefore I need the script} Procedure WallZero; VAR X1, Y1, X2, Y2 :Real; BEGIN GetPt(X1, Y1); GetPt(X2, Y2); RoundWall(0, 0, X1, Y1, X2, Y2); End; Run(WallZero); Now i want to draw it with the left/right edge option, but I didn't found a function for this... Can someone help me? Thanks M
  12. Hi, here are my first three wishes without any comments: - Colorbyclass in Custom Modification - Either Transparency without this GDI-stuff... or some solution for real bad printing - Exclude each single Layer and Class from editing and selecting (similar to the lock command) Thanks Mika
  13. team

    Color by class

    WOW, back after a few days and I found this discussion! First: Thanks to all for help, gracias und Dankesch?n. I think this is a Vectorworks/Nemetschek-Problem that there are "great" new functions that are not really elaborated like the custom modification and the new transparency.... (of course its not only Vectorworks) and we need people like Miguel to help them (and us) And Orso, i will "wish-list" it.... Bye, Mika
  14. team

    Color by class

    Hello, my problem today is: selecting object in VS with the Attribute: "Color by class". I tried it in different ways, but can't get it. Example: EditProperties((FB='by class')); like: EditProperties((FB=260)) What can I do? Thanks m
  15. Thats a pitty, so where is the Active document color palette to change it (outside of Vectorworks)! and where can I replace the Active document color palette with the color palette of an other document (like in VW 12.5)?


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