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  • Vectorworks crashing in DirectX 11 on some Windows systems


    Some Vectorworks 2022 Windows users have reported crashing with basic document window operations such as resizing the application window, tearing off palettes, or switching workspaces.
    We have tracked these issues to utility apps being installed which modify the functionality of DirectX 11. These apps sometimes show overlaid graphics on top of normal graphics, or otherwise inject code into the basic graphics handling routines of DirectX 11. Graphics-intensive applications like Vectorworks and others can be negatively impacted by these apps, when normal graphics operations behave incorrectly. We recommend not using such apps at the same time as Vectorworks.
    Sometimes these apps automatically start up with the system. Clearing them requires changing the Startup Apps settings as follows:
    Type “Startup Apps” in the search field of your Windows Taskbar.
    Disable items a few at a time, and restart Vectorworks to see if Vectorworks is operating normally or still crashing.
    If Vectorworks is still crashing, re-enable the items you disabled and move further down the list.
    When Vectorworks operates normally you have found the problematic startup item(s).
    Apps known to cause problems:
    Dell Command Center
    Dell Support Assist
    Alienware Command Center

    Sonic Studio Suite
    Clearing these items from Startup Apps should restore normal Vectorworks operation.
    Some DLLs used by these apps are known to be problematic. Apps that use the following DLLs should not be run at the same time as Vectorworks. The file path shown when searching for these DLLs can denote which program files should be avoided, for example “C:\Program Files\NZXT CAM\...\ graphics-hook64.dll”.

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    Hey everyone, just posting in this thread as I ran in to a similar issue with my 2023 install.  Same Alienware laptop as I had my 2022 issue with, but instead of throwing an error VW 2023 would work fine on the laptop's built in screen, but would freeze up 100% when moved to an offboard monitor.  Adding VW2023 as a blacklist in Nihimic (see many posts above on how to do that) solved the issue for 2023 again.

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    I just had VW crash and lost 2 days of work.  Auto save was on but it was not saving thus the reason for the lost work.  Don't know if this is related to the DirextX 11 issue.   Have never had this experience before with VW.  Has anyone else had this experience?

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    @Chuck Hunter, You crash will not relate to this 'DirectX 11' issue.


    By default, 'Autosave' doesn't automatically save your primary file. The default Autosave settings will create one or more copies of your file in its current state. It will only save the file you're working on if you use the setting, 'Overwrite original file.' If you use the default setting 'Autosave a backup copy to:' you must still manually save your work as-you-go. I would only endorse the use of the 'Overwrite original file' option if all your files are either backed up automatically every hour by something like Time Machine or if all your files are stored in a cloud storage folder of a service that supports 'file history' which enables you to roll back changes you may not want. 


    I've received occasional reports from users of the Autosave function ceasing. It is most often a fleeting problem, fixed by restarting Vectorworks. Sometimes a Vectorworks preference file needs to be deleted. Some - maybe most - of such cases are caused by user oversight. If it is set to appear, when the Autosave prompt pops up some users [mistakenly] choose 'No' [don't autosave a backup file] while also selecting, 'Don't prompt me for the remainder of this session.' Then you can end up with work being lost after a crash. 

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