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  • Maximum Activations

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    In the event of a hardware failure or new hardware purchase, a license of Vectorworks can be transferred to a new machine. 

    This may be done by installing and activating the software on the new computer. Once the new installation is up and running, the previous installation of Vectorworks should be uninstalled. 

    Once Vectorworks is completely uninstalled the old activation will become available again after a period of 1 month (30 days from the last use of the license). When running Vectorworks on a shared workstation with multiple user accounts, be sure that the same serial number is entered for each user account on the workstation. 

    Activations are linked to hardware, not usernames or user accounts. Using different serial numbers for each user will result in an unneeded use of an activation.

    If the Maximum Activation error message is displayed when attempting to activate the license on the new computer, it means that the Vectorworks license has been activated on too many machines. 



    In this case, please contact Vectorworks Technical Support via the Support Request Form on the Customer Portal:



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    User Feedback

    I use Vectorworks on two machines--a desktop and a laptop. Several months ago, I moved my user folder to a Dropbox folder. This way, when I update workspaces and such on one machine, it would transfer over to the other machine the next time I started it up.


    The downside has been that I regularly have to "Activate" again, and now for the third time, I have had to call in because I have exceeded activations. I'm only using it on two machines so I don't know what the fix is..

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    On 7/17/2019 at 3:19 AM, benelmo said:

    I moved my user folder to a Dropbox folder.


    I would not do that.

    There may be settings that are machine specific

    (at least the license information in this case)

    which likely provoke problems.


    On the other hand, I think VW licensing should recognize the machine

    (code/UUID/....) again and not spread new activations.


    What you can do is setting up a Workgroup Folder,

    which when containing "same named" Files as VW App's Library, will

    "overwrite" these with your version.

    (Needs the same Folder Structure as VW App or User Library Folders)

    And put this on Dropbox instead to synchronize between machines.


    This will work great to access custom Library Elements and such things.

    (Your Office Standard)



    With a VW User or VW Workgroup you can easily "overwrite" VW App's Library

    and extend Settings (e.g. accessing your own File Templates and such)


    But unfortunately, having a Workgroup Folder will not help to synchronize all your Settings !


    As VW does

    a) save all your Settings Changes and things you add, by default into the User Folder only

    b) the "overwriting" of same Settings or library files has a certain priority

    c) Unfortunately that priority goes "overwriting" :

        > User Folder overrides > Workspace Folder overrides > App Library Folder


    Generally you may need to feed/maintain your Workspace Folder by manually copying

    things over from User Folder or from scratch.

    And if you would have e.g. a newer custom File Template version in Workgroup Folder,

    but also an older Template with the same name on your machine,

    VW will use/prioritize the older on that machine.



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    In case of having to change the main hard drive and do a clean install on the (same) OS, should one uninstall Vectorworks first and what other steps are required to remove the activation? Apart from the main hard drive, the rest of the hardware will remain the same. Will installing and activating Vectorworks after the clean install count as an extra activation?

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    Thank you. So, will changing the drive and doing a clean install of Windows result to a new machine activation?

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    22 minutes ago, kmousikos said:

    So, will changing the drive and doing a clean install of Windows result to a new machine activation?

    Yes, a new activation will be needed. All licenses have more than one activation, so you should be okay however, if you have an issue, don't hesitate to get in touch with technical support via https://customers.vectorworks.net/forms/support-request

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