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Wall textures


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Help please, I am having problems with applying a brick texture to a wall.

It seems that RW does not wrap the texture around the ends or faces of

openings in the wall automatically.

In the Obj. Browser if I apply the brick bond texture to the top/side faces

(middle option) it needs remapping to the end face of the wall. I have used

the "Set by Face" button to map the texture to the end face. The texture

then needs to be rotated 90?. The texture is however randomly offset

depending where I click on the end face of the wall in the preview window,

in other words the horizontal joints do not line up with those on the main

face of the wall. This can presumably be adjusted by trial and error with

"offset vert" option under the 2D options.

Surely there must be an easier and straight forward way of wrapping the

brickbond texture around faces of the wall. What am I doing wrong?

What happens also if you draw walls by class. You can apply textures to the

three sides of the wall in the classes edit dialogue box but you cannot map

them there. Surely one does not need to later edit each wall with an

opening or exposed end to change the mapping?

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