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Mag G4 Slower than 500 mhz Windows


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  • 7 months later...

I am not sure what you are doing wrong, but I have a Powerbook G3 266 running VW much, much faster than my Dell Dimension XPS-R450 PII...

Not only that, but all three of my G4's (G4 Cube 450/256, G4 Dual 500/256 and a G4 500/256) run circles (that's plural...) around that same Dell, so much so, that I have not touched the Dell in about four months...

To make matters worse, my overpriced Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop that I bought a couple years ago, is not upgradable to Windows 2000 (due to motherboard limitations) and also, has not been used in at least the same amount of time..

Right at this moment, I am on a Powerbook G3 500 that I use probably 35% of the time, while using Vectorworks Architect with Renderworks. There is no question that it runs at least a couple circles around our Athlon 700 or Pentium III 1.5ghz machines running the same.

Again, I am not sure why, but your setup must be incorrect. Which Quicktime are you using? If you are using 4.x, I would update to the latest Beta from Apple's website - the most recent (as of 2/2001) is Quicktime 5 Public Beta release 3. I have run all three beta releases, and they seem to accelerate Vectorworks and Renderworks faster than the previous QT4.1.2 that I had installed.

Another item of note - if I were you, do not upgrade to Mac OS 9.1... Not sure why, but as soon as I did it, all our machines crashed left and right... Returning to OS 9.0.4 seems to have fixed things (knock on wood...).

Nemetschek has already upgraded to Vectorworks 9, but is not releasing it until OS X has released (next month, March 24th). Nemetschek's president confirmed that they are supporting the Macintosh platform, since that was one of the main reasons they added Vectorworks to their software offerings (the also have Allplan in Europe).

The latest version, r9, has already been "carbonized" for use with Mac OS X. Main thing is, r9 will not take advantage of multiprocessor G4's, but they have said that a later release may access codestream for Altivec Velocity Engine support.

One thing about this... Even without the AVE, Vectorworks and all its related apps will always run just as fast or faster, than their Intel comparatives, since the video processing is inherent into the Mac OS, and not a ported app, like the Intel counterpart. With this though, also gives opportunity for a faster Windows setup, depending on video card. This can be easily "fixed" with various other third party cards such as the ATI Radeon or nVidea GeForce solutions. The latest GeForce 3 that was shown in Tokyo last week appears to be the "card to beat", for the next year or so. I run ATI cards and a couple 3dFx Voodoo 5500 cards, and have no speed problems...

Well, long-winded, but hopefully informative... Check your setup and memory settings - good luck and hang in there, the best is yet to come...


C M Harada

Perspectives Design

Group, ink

Denver, CO

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