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vs.CallTool SP3

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That little test works here. It seems the nested callback of the wiki-example is a little bit too ambitious.


def resultCallback1():
	h1 = vs.FSActLayer()
	p1 = vs.GetSegPt1(h1)
	p2 = vs.GetSegPt2(h1)
vs.CallTool(-201, resultCallback1)


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i tried to use this in a tool. Unfortunately i found this function to be inconsistent at least when used in a tool that is called by a click.

After i selected the tool, sometimes the first click on the drawing (i assume this is the click that runs the code) is the first point of the line, and sometimes i need another click on the drawing to start the line.


In your example this is not too bad, because the vs.CallTool() function is called right at the start of the script. But i wanted the first click on the drawing to just open an UI and than call the vs.CallTool() according to the mode that had been chosen in the UI.


I also tried to call the vs.CallTool() function two times in a row, but i always crashed vectorworks.

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