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Irrigation Design Tools

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Are there any good Irrigation Design Tools that are compatible with VW-12?

Ideally I would like to be able to identify the source water pipe diameter and pressure, and then see a table update and display the capacity available at each head in a section. Doing this by hand takes a lot of time and many repeated calculations when the water source is limited or when optimizing the sections.

With VW having all the information it needs, it would seem this would be a natural extension of the Landmark module so that heads that aren't getting enough pressure, or pipes that are restricting flow, and even pipes that are oversized are flagged.

Being able to easily identify, heads with inadequate pressure and legs with inadequate flow or with extra capacity would be displayed in a dynamic table with colored values based upon a user selected criteria. Ideally the colored fills of each object, head, pipe, etc, would change based upon how the layout met the criteria.

If the tool was really good it would also generate a colored irrigation pattern showing the amount of water being laid down in the site design and which section of the irrigaltion plan was contributing to each area of the watering pattern.

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Thanks for the links tvetter. Not one of those site turned up in my search making me wonder what I was asking for in my search terms.

I'll take some time to study each one of the sites you've given links to see what I can learn in detail. For what I was asking, at first blush the ScienceHill "WaterMark Pro" software seems to come in fairly close, and the cost isn't out of sight.

I'm going to add Irrigation Design to the Wish List here and hope for a miracle, or at least a file export/import feature.

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There are no tools (that you describe) that reside in Landmark, nor does anyone have a set that are compatiable. There are several very good stand alone programs.

It is one of my wishes that VW would develop / co-develop an irrigation program. In my 1/2 of the country it is hard to sell a design program without irrigation design.

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