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MARIONETTE- Insert trees on different polylines


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Hi everybody,

I'm a beginner user of marionette. I'm trying to create script to put different plant's style on more polyline. So far i've managed to do it only on one polyline, using the node "name" as input. I've would like to know if there is any possibilities to do the same things on more polyline. I've tried with "objs by crit" but the script doesn't work. I attach the file of my test.

I'm a student that's why i have the educational version of VW.

Thanks for your help. 


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You are quite near at the solution. You need to repeat every poly handle as many times as there are points on that polyline. To get the number of points you have to get the number of items in every list you created with the chunk by list node. Also here you need a node, that is not standard. I do not know to do it with standard nodes. I think chunk by list and length of sublists is something, that I is really missed by repeating things on n objects.
The Node you can see GetListLength ist the standard Node but the line "this.SetListAbsorb()" is commented with a #. Different ways to solve that I think.

Nice Example.


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