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Convert Dimensions to Real Numbers


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I'm trying to compare Dimensions using Less Than in a Marionette script, and I've found that I have to put Real Numbers into the Less Than Node in order to get the Boolean result I need. I've been trying to convert my Dimensions to Real Numbers, and I'm hitting a road block in doing so. I've tried Float, Div by 1", and Convert to Integer, none of which has worked. I'm sure I just don't know the appropriate node for the conversion, and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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Hello @EmilyArch,

Welcome to the Vectorworks forum!


I'm not sure why using both an integer and a float shouldn't work with the Less Than node.

Have a look at the screenshot and file here:





Still, in case you need a way to convert an integer into a float, right now the easiest way is to use the Function node and insert "float(x)" in the OIP as seen in the screenshot.



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Thank you so much for the response. It did not resolve the issue I was having, but it did help me to find a solution. I wanted to update this thread with the resolution I finally discovered. The issue is a glitch - I had renamed by dimension nodes with the dimension (eg: a node that measured 6" was named "6"). Those nodes did not function in the less than comparison. When I deleted those nodes and replaced them, this time naming them with words (eg: "Six"), the nodes, and thus the script, functioned.


I appreciate the help! I hope this will help someone else having a similar issue.





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