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Customize Rack Elevation display


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This may have been asked in the past, but I can not find it.


Is there a way to modify the information that is shown in the Rack Elevation?  Like using a device legends used in the schematic? 


I would like to be able to have User defined Parameters mapped onto the 2d representation.  For instance, I would like to have the IP Addresses of network devices be able to be displayed on the elevation. As well as be able to globally set font type, size, and location on devices.


It would be really slick, if custom Parameter field names between Device and Equipment matched, then the data would be copied into the Object Info for the Equipment Item, when "Update Rack Elevation" is performed. I.E. if a custom Parameter labeled "Custom1" is active and defined for both the Device, and the Equipment Item, then data from that field would be copied from the Device into the Equipment Item, at the time of Update/Creation 

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