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3D polygons

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I have a 3D polygon where each vertex is at a different height. When I render using Final Quality Render in an isometric view the perimeter line is correctly set but the fill is offset irregularly. When I render using Quick Render it works fine. But sometimes objects underneath the polygon show through when they're not meant to and sometimes the polygon shows through objects that are meant to be on top! Any suggestions please?

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Can you send in one of these files that you are having this problem with to tech@nemetschek.net and put it to my attnetion, please?

I will take a look at it and see what might be going on and hopefully have a resolution for you.

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I think the problem is simply the non-planar surface you have created.

A 3D poly, to render reliably, should either be in any of x/y/z planes or a triangle. Of course, theoretically you can create a planar 3D polygon in any coordinate system, but doing that with user-entered x/y/z values requires a lot of 3D trigonometry. In reality, only possible by scripting and/or PIOs.

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