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  1. Sorry - been away. Thank you Islandmon - I'll try. Bea
  2. Katie, thank you ! I ran software update to OS 10.3.9 and disk utility and Open GL now works fine with old files. Sorry DB! Bea
  3. I'm exporting a nurbs surface as a dxf but the person importing the file needs the surface to be a rectangular mesh - he says my file is a triangular mesh. The shape is a square sail - twisted to give two high corners diagonally opposite each other and two low corners. Could anyone tell me how I could get this rectangular mesh? Many thanks Bea
  4. In my 'settings', in 'parts', I don't have a list called 'special classes'. Is this because I have Landmark rather than Architect? If so how do I get clear glazing? Thanks Bea Mac G4 OS 10.3 VW12.0.1
  5. Katie Disk Utility repair doesn't help. Bea
  6. Katie 'Get more info' in 'About this mac' says my version is 10.3 (no third digit). Haven't run disk utility for a long time - I'll try it. Some files open and the error message comes when I render with Open GL. Wth other files the error message comes as the files are opening - these may have been saved in VW11 with a layer rendered in Open GL. Bea
  7. Please could someone tell me where the masonry stair option is in VW12? Or has it gone? Thanks, Bea
  8. Travis - I've got VW 12.0.1 - would this be the latest version of OpenGL? And a G4, OS10.3, 1.5gb - I think I'm going to have to upgrade .... Thanks, Bea
  9. George, thanks for help! Bea
  10. Found it! I changed the workspace to Landmark as opposed to Landmark Classic.
  11. Thanks George I have Landmark and not VW Arch - in my Arch tool set there's no furniture tab - tried to add it using customise tool set but can't work it out. Bea
  12. Could you let me know how to access the handrail in VW12 - I can see it in the plug-ins folder but I can't find it using the resource browser. Many thanks. Bea
  13. There's no error message (apart from 'the application Vectorworks has unexpectedly quit ....') - the program just quits. Some VW11 files do open - they seem to work but when I render with open GL the program quits - doesn't do this with other rendering methods. If a layer is already in open GL in a VW11 file VW12 will quit during the converting to VW12 process. Hope this is enough information ... Thanks Bea
  14. Why is VW12 crashing when I try to open VW11 files in VW12? (Mac OS 10.3). Thanks for any suggestions! Bea
  15. Thanks Travis - that's great - it's working now. Bea
  16. I've just upgraded to VW12 (Landmark/Renderworks) and am opening old VW11.5 files to work on (Mac OS 10.3). I can't select dimensions - it's as though they're invisible to the pointer. If I draw a new dimension I can delete it if I don't deselect it but once I've deselected it I can't touch it. Also some of the VW11.5 files won't open in VW12 - they start to open and then the program crashes. Thanks for help! Bea
  17. Does anyone use Vectorworks for designing tensile structures? And how would you do this? If not do you have any suggestions - we make shade structures and need a programme for the fabric cutting patterns. Many thanks.
  18. I don't have word wrap enabled. The spaces seem to come between two digits ie 2 00 instead of 200 or between letters where one is accented ie
  19. When I open an exported eps file from VW Landmark 10 to Illustrator 9 I get random spaces in text (ie he llo instead of hello). Could anyone tell me how to fix this (instead of doing it by hand in Illustrator)? (I'm using Mac OS 10.2)
  20. I'm still getting this problem with textures not rendering properly - they come out as different colours and with no pattern - just lines. Any help please? (using VW Landmark 10)
  21. I have a 3D plan made up of walls, 3D polys etc. The polys are coloured. I would like to make a 2D plan of the same but filling the polys with patterns from the attributes palette. How can I do this without converting the 3D ploys to 2D polys (which would mean altering both of them if there were any changes to the drawing)? Very many thanks, Bea
  22. I'm using OS10.2. Now that I have turned the computer off and then back on the blackout has gone away... So it was just a temporary problem I hope. Bea
  23. I was using the walkabout tool on a rendered 3D drawing and the colours all turned different shades of red, then green. Now when I try to render any view using GL I just get a completely black window. This black window now comes up whenever I render using GL (renderworks is fine) on all my files. I'm using VW Landmark 10 on a Mac. Please could you help???
  24. Please could someone tell me how to access the object library (I want to put a 3D tree on my drawing) - I'm using VW 10. Many thanks. Bea
  25. I've just upgraded to Mac OS 10.2 and am using VW Landmark 9.5.2 and I can't seem to create textures anymore - they come out as red/white/coloured stripes. Has anyone else come across this problem?
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