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Newbie questions/computer recommendation

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New to VW Arch. and would like to get some recommendations on pc specs. I am planning on buying a Ti book as my exclusive computer for VW. What specs do I need. I will be doing lots of 3D and animation. Will I be a ble to use my HP 1220C for VW on a mac.

Also have the following ?

I have been importing auto cad furniture symbols and after completing the 20,000 sq.ft space my file is 47mb. Am I doing something wrong?

Can't seem to get the ID door tool sym to rescale

Finally renderworks or Art-lantis? probably not fair question.Is their any plans to modify stair PIO.


pc 700mhz, pentium III, 256mb mem.

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TiBook - RAM is even more important than speed. Unfortunately, at present it seems that OpenGL and MacOS 9 don't like each other, so to get any performance out of OS X, you need also the speed. I have 640MB in my 400 MHz Powerbook and that is just enough, not a bit too much.

Also, get an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. You can then use a 'twin head' setup which I find very useful. (Now my main machine is a 'single head' desktop, 19in display at 1600 x 1200, but occasionally it is all palettes...)

File size: sounds fairly large, (20,000 sq ft - that is roughly 1,800 sq m, isn't it?) but many AutoCAD blocks are very large as comes to number of points - and they are all in 3D. There is no simple solution to this, I'm afraid - well, at least I don't know one - but VW seems to handle large files reasonably well nowadays.

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