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Vectorworks Freelance Drafting Opportunity


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Hi and hope all is well. I am a sole proprietor in Florida with a fluctuating workload. I am beginning to take on more work and I am seeking assistance with drafting as work ebbs and flows. 

I am looking for assistance with both residential and commercial drafting on a per project basis for construction document/permit drawings.


  • Drafting floor plans
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Creating a 3d model for sections and elevations
  • interior elevations
  • Annotating drawings, door and window schedules
  • Detailing
  • Picking up red-lines

Time zone is not an issue. Modern pandemic issues have shown us that work can happen remotely from anywhere at anytime. That said, there will be deadlines that need to be met, but we can discuss your availability and set realistic deadlines. I don't like to be stressed out and I certainly do not want to stress you out, so communicating timelines etc. is key. I like technology and am open to ideas to make this workflow efficient and fun. I am using VW 2021. Attention to detail is key in architecture and being able to communicate well is important to me.


I look forward to hearing from anyone interested and see if we can have some fun with Vectorworks.


Reply to the post or message me if you are interested and we can talk.




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