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ISDK::SetListBrowserItemCheckState not working

Stefan Bender

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Dear developers,

I'm trying to implement a listbrowser that supports Direct Editing.

However, I can't get the "check state" cells working correctly.

When building the list, I call

Boolean set_ok = gSDK->SetListBrowserItemCheckState(dialog, item, line, column, (myBooleanVariable) ? CGSMultiStateValueChange::eStateValueOn : CGSMultiStateValueChange::eStateValueOff);

with myBooleanVariable == true and set_ok also returns true,

but the cell remains empty.

I had also supposed that you have to provide the cell value in the LB's DirectEditHandler, but the direct edit handler is never called unless I click on the list. Could this be the problem?

I also tried RefreshListBrowser, but no effect.

Cell interaction type is kListBrowserItemInteractionEditCheckState of course, direct editing is enabled for both LB and cell.
ListBrowserControlType is kListBrowserControlNone, ListBrowserItemDisplayType is kListBrowserDisplayTextOnly

Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong? To me this looks like a bug.


Thanks for any help,

Stefan Bender

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