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Windows verion VW Architect 9 - Plotting Problems

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I am having difficulty plotting to an HP 450C plotter running the windows version. The V8.5.x worked flawlessly. I am using the HP windows driver for the plotter - latest version available on the internet.

The problem which occurs is that the plotting process takes place and finishes very quickly. about a minute later the plotter starts to plot and only plots a single layer's information. Same layer every time.

Since I have 48MB RAM in the plotter, I have tried the HP driver option of "in computer" for out of memory probnlems. Same result. wasted paper and ink.

When plot preview is selected the result is a complete on screen plot, but with the plot data line showing only 45% to 50% of data converted to plot data. When print/plot is clicked the result is a large "transparent" black smear with other colored lines plotted unnderneath it. Kind of like the HP driver sees the white space as a Black color.

What is the problem?

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