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Plotter HP 750 work with VW?

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That depends on whether HP is including drivers with the plotter. If so then it is possible. But if you are going to hook up the plotter to an ethernet connection you might be better off with Macplot from microspot and a macplot supported ethernet interface. It also makes a difference what platform you are on. If you are on a mac I highly recommend not using HP drivers. I have not had good success with them.

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I have been using an HP 750 for close to 5 years with MiniCAD and Vectorworks plotting from both Macintoshes and Wintel PC's. I use the MacPlot Graphics Pak from Microspot from the Macintosh platform either directly or to spool from a laptop to a clients 750C plotter.

From the Wintel, I use the HP latest version Windows driver. This is important because you cannot use the Autocad driver supplied by HP.

I have success in having the local reprographic shops and remote service bureaus (read many states away) plot the .plt (Windows) plot files and HPGL files generated from Macplot (.cmds files) after changing the dot-suffix to .plt and e-mailing them.

Whichever driver/platform I have used described above, all items VW can produce, embedded Picts and .jpg graphics plus all tables and entities, patterns etc. VW can generate all plot very well.

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