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  1. Have you checked to see if other settings on your computer are also failing? Clock setting failure may indicate a problem with your PRAM. that may be causing your data not to write properly on close. I use a mac but I have noticed that if i was using a different monitor configuration between startups the window settings get screwed up. Make sure both monitors are up and running properly before you start the program. A simultaneous start is not always effective.
  2. I moved up to 9.0 when switching from a G3 driven powerwave to a G4 Laptop (400MHZ). I have not noticed any significant difference. The files I worked onin 8.5 wwere large and cumbersome. The lap top handles it much better. I also have more ram and allocated more to the progam. that improved my response time significantly. I wonder if 9.0 uses the vector processor on the mac.
  3. practical answer: because the enhanced features will make you more productive and theoretically earn you more money or through better tracking prevent losses. If you don't need productivity then you don't need Architect. And no VW is not an architectural cad program. It is a general purpose cad program with arcvhitecturally oriented features. It also works for lighting design, mechanical design, signage design, set modeling etc. Architect is a version of VW set up to be an architectural cad program much like (but less expensive than) Archicad [This message has been edited by smithlb (edited 03-21-2001).]
  4. True the dxf translation is far from easy. It is easier though if you plan for the translation. Don't use things that will create problems. Autocad will not handle overlapping forms for example. Also standardize fonts and line standards between platforms. Much of the planning process is spelled out in an appendix in the manual. Follow it closely. One last thing...stay out of paperspace!
  5. That depends on whether HP is including drivers with the plotter. If so then it is possible. But if you are going to hook up the plotter to an ethernet connection you might be better off with Macplot from microspot and a macplot supported ethernet interface. It also makes a difference what platform you are on. If you are on a mac I highly recommend not using HP drivers. I have not had good success with them.
  6. quote: Originally posted by buz ottem: I want to draw a porch with a vaulted roof which will have an exposed timber frame. It will have a 10' x 8' foot print. If you havenot figured it out by now, extrude squares or rectangles upward to the post height.Then switch to a side or front view and create your bents. You can create one and array it in 3D as a linear array at your required bay spacing. Unless you are trying to create an animation I would not bother to show the joinery.
  7. I did the same thing. the tech support people noted that there is a "zoom box" in the title bar of the resources window. clicking on it expands the window to show the buttons. Try it! Hope you find it. I use a mac and it might be a little different on the windows version. ------------------ Louis B. Smith, Jr.,AIA
  8. In the import box you can select the options panel to create as many line weights as you want when you map the colors of the autocad file. Once imported you can bring in a symbol which includes the line weigts you want to use. Then the eyedropper tool can select them for you. You can include colors with that as well. You can also use the eydropper tool on any imported object. Of course if you are going to go back to DXF/DWG just work in color and forget the line weights. And when you export don't map lineweights to colors. Just export the colors and let autocad create the line weights.
  9. Lowering the resolution on curved items and lowering the 3d rendering resolutions in vectorworks preferences might help also. See drawing preferences and vectorworks preferences under the file menu.


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