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To get elevations from the plan you will need to set up at least one model layer and use the model features of VW to display each elevation.

I usually set the layers for my elevation models to only the exterior wall, grade plane, and roof layers. This saves processing time in rendering. Use View menu/Create Layer Link to set the layers to be used in the model layer

I then render each elevation as follows:

set the view to Front for front elevations, Back for rear elevations etc. in sequence. Use View menu/Standard Views/Front (or back, left right) for setting the view

After setting a view - say Front - I then render the elevation. If I want colors I use Renderworks. If a black and white I use View menu/Rendering/final hidden line. Other rendering settings produce various results. experiment with the settings to get the rendered view you'd like.

After the rendering is complete for that view I usally select the rendered view and use convert to lines or convert to polygons.

Convert to lines is best for say a construction document elevation because it is less data (smaller file) and has easily annotated and dimensioned features.

Convert to polygons will preserve colors and textures for a "rendered" elevation effect.

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A simple answer to your question is that you use a layer for the title block and place your drawings in the page frame . If you have your drawings on a big sheet ala ACAD, just create a layer for a drawing and drop in place. Use the "view" control to name your sheets and turn on the appropriate layers and classes you want to be visible.

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