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PartsSpec on the mac platform

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To the best of my knowledge, the PartSpec CDs are available for Windows only. However, the same information can be accessed and downloaded at www.CADRegister.com

For best results, chose the following download options:

2D - DXF 2000


Tom Urie

Nemetschek, N.A.

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Ron, Spencer,

What Mac OS version are you running? I also have had no success with Netscape or Explorer. I am currently using Netscape 7.1 on Mac OS 10.2.8. I am going to upgrade to Mac OS 10.3 and see if this makes a difference. I'll let you know.

Tom Urie

Nemetschek, N.A.

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I am using Mac OS 9.2.2 Netscape 7.02 and IE 5.0

The following response from CAD Register tech support clarifies their position regarding MACs.

I do not know what special steps they must take to block Macs from reading their web pages and downloading their files. But they are quite effective.


Hello Spencer,

Thank you for your interest in the Thomas Industrial Network's CADRegister!

I have verified with tech support that MAC workstations are not compatible

and/or supported on the CADRegister website at this time.

The CADRegister website and software that Thomas Register supports, were

designed for use by PC's only. The Thomas Register Tech Support area is

continually monitoring the number of PC and/or MAC CAD users however, and is

always looking to improve the application's compatibility with the user


Thank you for taking the time to submit your issue to the Thomas Register

Support Desk. Your issue with MAC usage and CADRegister has been noted and

routed to the development area for their records.

Please contact the Thomas Register Support Desk if you have any additional

questions, or require further assistance with our products.


Cindy Greenleaf

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I am on 10.3.3 I have no luck with safari, netscape, or ie. Have you tried to download a partspec file on a PC, save the file and then use it in VW on a mac? Not a very elegant method, but if it works, then I would like to hear from anyone who has win2000 running under Virtual PC and see if that works.

Does anyone know why the CADRegister website does not work with a mac? Is it a java scrip or some other type of plug in?

Thanks for the feedback,


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I'm using Mac OSX 10.3.3 on a G5. With Netscape (current version) I came closest to being able to download- I could see the part, but pressing the Download button did nothing.

We do programming here as well, including web development, and the few places I have seen this type of behavior before the culprit is often ActiveX or other Microsoft developed, Windows specific software solutions. These technologies seriously threaten the independence of the Web environment, because they "embrace and extend" (read as ignore and subvert) web standards. Many web developers are trained only to use Windows specific methods, even though standards compliant solutions exist that are just as effective and easy to do. It's the kind of thing that gets my programmer's blood boiling, because there is NO technical or practical reason that the kind of content on this site cannot be delivered in a platform independent form. It's not as if they are writing an application for the Mac- or Linux, Unix, or whatever. It's delivering files over the web.

I can't see any reason why downloading the parts on a Windows machine and copying them to the Mac wouldn't work- though I have not yet tried it. For IGES files coming from Windows you may need to open the files in a text editor (I use BBEdit, which I believe has a free version) and change the line break from DOS to Macintosh and do a "save as" in order to be able to open the files.


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Interesting message from Thomas register. I would guess that since the site does not work with Mac, they see VERY few Mac users.

It's not clear that even their feedback system works with Mac. This would be a great service- I emailed them directly letting them know I would like to use it. More feedback might help.



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We here at Nemetschek are also contacting Thomas Register suggesting it would be worth their while to make PartSpec Mac compatible. We'll see if it does any good.

Also, I have downloaded several parts on Windows in dxf 2000 and 3D (.sat) formats, copied them to a Mac, and opened them without any problem.

Tom Urie

Nemetschek, N.A.

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