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  1. Ron Kenyeri

    importing STP files?

    Jeffrey, So could I read in a mechanical component in xxxx.stp using this VW Architect IFC? I would hate to spend the extra money, but I am loosing days have thing translated.... Ron Kenyeri
  2. Ron Kenyeri

    importing STP files?

    I can't import stp files with vw2008, does anyone know if I vw2010 can inport stp files? They are becoming the defaco standard in machine design, and I am finding it harder and harder to get people to translate to .sat or .iges while I wait for vw2010 does any one know a free app for the mac? I really need to get some work done..... Thanks in advance, Ron Kenyeri
  3. Ron Kenyeri

    VectorWorks questions

    1. I have a 400mhz PowerBook, 640meg Ram & 8meg graphics and is works fine for 2-D work. But its a problem for 3-D 2. VW-MECH has a great parts library. 3. Never had a problem with 2-D. 4. For the most part yes, but I haven't really used autocad for a few years. Hope it helps, Ron
  4. Ron Kenyeri

    DXF 2D parts files (compression fittings)

    Hello Jim, Try www.mcmaster.com its an industrial supplier that has cad files for most of their parts. I am a mac user as well, so I can tell you that most of their web buttons will not work when it comes to showing the image in your web browser, but the files do down load ok. In most cases they offer 2-D & 3-D files, I have used their compression fittings files (3-D iges solids) and they work well. Let me know how it goes, Ron
  5. Ron Kenyeri

    2D Fillet, can't fillet a straight line to a arc

    Delmer, Yes, though of that too, got over 3/8" to spar on both sides. I can export the 2D file, and fillet in autocad 14 with no problems. Thanks, Ron
  6. Hello Forum, I need to fillet a .350R arc into a straight line with a 0.050R fillet. It works in autocad, it works in IDEAS-NX10, but VW generates a 0.026R .125 away from where it should be? This is a bug. I have a file that repeats every time. Who should I e-mail my file to? Thanks, Ron Kenyeri
  7. Ron Kenyeri

    3D hinges

    Thanks Nicholas, Please do, I could us it. Thanks again, Ron
  8. Ron Kenyeri

    3D hinges

    Hello Forum, Does VW ship with 3D hinges? Or does anyone know where I can download a file? Thanks, Ron
  9. Ron Kenyeri

    Spur gears and pressure angles

    Hello Forum, Using the spur gear plug-in is it possible to set the pressure angle? And if not what is the pressure angle fixed at, when VW draws a spur gear (is it 14.5?)? Thanks, Ron
  10. Ron Kenyeri

    Circle by 3 point Tangent

    I wanted to use the "circle by three points", the last option in the circle command. And enter three tangent points to define the circle. (I can do this in autocad 14....) But the smart snap command never displays any choice but "object". Tom I am running VW Mechanical, I will try you suggestion. Thanks, Ron
  11. Ron Kenyeri

    Spur gears and pressure angles

    Tom, In most of my catalogs, spur gears come in 14.5?, 20?, and 25? pressure angles. With 20? being the most common (all of the gears we sell are now 20?). FYI, 14.5? is going to be phased out for new machine designs in the next 5 years (or atleast that is what SME tells me;) ). So to make my story short, yes, it would be very usefull. Thanks, Ron
  12. Ron Kenyeri

    Circle by 3 point Tangent

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone been able to get the constrain by tangent to work in 11.5? I need to place a circle using the 3 point tangent option by I never get the tangent constrain option on the screen, its always "object". Even when the only option active on my constrains panel is "constain by tanget" Any insight would be appreciated! Ron
  13. Ron Kenyeri

    What is more important? VRAM or CPU?

    I would love a desktop. But I spend 90% of my time at on location so I am chained, if you will, to a laptop. I was planning to wait for a dual core G4 or a G5, but I don't know if I can waite that long. Ron
  14. Ron Kenyeri

    What is more important? VRAM or CPU?

    Andrew, I do machine/tool design. On average I have 10 plates 20 or so screws and lots of openings in my 3-D models. What would consider a solid midranged G4 cpu? 800 mhz or more? Thanks, Ron
  15. Just upgraded to 11.0.1, and it is worth the money. BUT, the dashed hidden line, while much better that before, is really slow, compared to 10.5. Given that I have a TiPB 400mhz... I realize that I need to upgrade my hardware. What I am asking is how critical is the graphics card to VW, or would my money be better spent on more memory? Thanks, Ron Kenyeri


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