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v12 transoms - why no glass fill?


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hi - i posted a message re this last week but have had no reply and have still not managed to sort it.

i have a large window with a gable shaped top. this is set up as window with a transom rise-2450mm and spring - 100mm. below the transom i have a custom sash - 6 left casements. this worked and rendered fine in VW11.5 but since opening and this drwg in VW12 the glass fills the bottom casements but the gable top transom has no fill at all. when i untick the transom option and leave the entire window as one fixed glass window with a gable top the glass fills the top area with no problems. i suppose that i could work around the problem this way by manually annotating the mullions where required on the viewport - but it seems a long and fussy way around something that v11'5 tackled fine.

does v12 create a seperate class for transoms that i am missing? it is probably something right under my nose - please help!

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