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I'm trying to manage the shared recourse manager at my company.

In the library and on the internet I can hardly find nodes to interact with the recourse manager instead of the design layer.
For example whit "objs by crit" I can only select symbols that are place in the design layer.
Am i missing something or does someone has nodes i can use.

What I'm planning to do:

with the programme we use for managing our stock we can get an excel file with art. numbers, description, amounts and dimensions.
when we make an new article/symbol and we place it in the resource manager, I want to make an script that checks the name of the symbol

(which we will give manually by using the article number)

When it recognises the symbol name(Art. number) it wil changes its name in art. number+description.
also the extra information will be put in an record attached to the symbol.

Problems(challenges) I'm facing so far:
obj name and symbol name are different things. missing a node to get symbol name.
attaching record is only attaching it to the symbol as object and not to the symbol itself, so when i put information in the record it doesn't change copies of this symbol.

A node of some kind to get an list of symbols in the resource manager.
No node of some kind to change a symbol name.


I already started rewrite code's of some nodes to make them do what i want, but still learning and not much experience with python.

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Great Work. In my opinion its better and easier to learn a programming language (like python as you did) which you can use everywhere. I made the same decition like you 1 Week ago.   Iam realy excited whereever the path takes me and what iam capable of in the future :).

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