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Just getting started with VW 12 here - and I've run into something wierd with the Drawing border tool.

I've always created/used a custom template with my layers and classes set up - anyway, in this process I tried inserting a new drawing border on a blank sheet layer, and I get an error message "The size is not found in the data file".

If I click the Preferences, everything is set to 0. I can ignore the warning, add the DB (which appears as ASME A size, even though the page prefs are set to letter) and then make it fit through the OI window. But this isn't what I saw demoed at LDI or in the Upgrade Companion.

any thoughts?


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In VW preferences (Tools>Options>VW Preferences), click on the Session tab.

Do you have "Display Minor Alerts on Mode Bar" check marked?

What happens when you use a new, blank document?

I can't duplicate the error you are getting with a new or VW 11 converted to 12 file.

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I failed to notice in your original post that the drawing size was ASME A. This is a known problem that the drawing border will fail when being placed into a drawing when the print area is either 11 x 8.5 (ASME A) or 8.5 x 11 (Letter). What you need to do is after the border is placed, use the OI palette and change the Size to ASME A. If the print area is 8.5 x 11, you will also need to change the orientation to Portrait. Of course, you could also change the print area to something other than Letter or ASME A before inserting the drawing border.

Tom Urie

Nemetschek, N.A.

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