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Roof/wall/post association

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Hi all! Sorry for this long post...


Continuing my exploration of 3D modelling (but still being pressed by time to deliver my project...), I have a "few" questions about wall and roof interactions.

We are renewing and extended a school, which has already been extended several times, so the existing roofs are a mess (see figure 10 for my 3D modelling). I used only roof faces for the modelling as the shapes are too complicated for a complete roof.

I'm using VW 2019 in french, so my translations will probably not exactly fit the english tools or commands.


A- Walls and roofs...

There are two different commands:

1- Associating a wall and a roof

2- Joining selectioned walls to roofs or roof faces or 3d objects of another layer.

Apparently, from what I have explored, those 2 commands are not really interacting... You can have walls and roofs associated while the walls ar not going up to the roof, and you can have walls going up to a roof and not being associated to it. (as shown on figure "houses"). Both houses have walls and roof associated, I joined the wall to the roof on the one on right. The main wall component is the insulation (with curls) and the roof style is set such that the outer component goes to the roof edge, the curly component goes to the axe of the main wall component and the third component goes to the inner side of the wall.

Here I already have a question: why is the outer component of the wall piercing the roof??? Not really good for water ingress!


Then, I've played around with roof faces, as I'm using only roof faces in my school project. On the very simple example of figure 11, I've build only a wall and a roof (same roof and wall styles as before). Can you tell me why the roof face is not behaving the same as with the complete roof of the houses?

I have the same problem with the roofs of the school, see figure 12 (look at the red ovals). On both cases, roof and walls are asscociated. But the components of the roof faces do not stop at the same place.


Do you have pictures of section where walls and roofs association are nice? (I mean like they should be build...)


B- Posts and roofs

Is there a command that does the same function as joining walls to roofs for posts (posts/studs, don't know the exact translation...)?


C- Fascia boards

Finally, how do you model the fascia boards on a roof face? Just an extrusion of a rectangle or is there a PIO?



FIGURE 10.png

Figure 12.png

Houses.pdf Figure 11.pdf

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@A2M...honestly, my workflow goes something like this - use the conceptual tools (roof to wall, etc) to get an idea or "proof of concept." Then use the 3D modeling capabilities coupled with 2D drafting in Annotation space to complete a view.  This seems to be the quickest from start to finish.



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Hi Wes,


Thanks for your reply.

Ok, I was about to reduce my expectations about what the 3D modelling is capable, you confirm it...


I read in this post that David uses two roofs on top of each other, a thin outer roof for tiles, then an inner roof where all the other components (insulation e.g.). Is it common to proceed like that?


Any idea why the roof components of my first message go once to the inner side of the wall (as I set it), and another time are randomly shorter than the outer component?

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And about sections? Do you produce them from your 3D model or do you draw it by hand? Cause the wall-roof association as seen in the little fil "houses" is really not acceptable. The wall can not pierce the roof.


Do you have pictures of sections?

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@A2M, yes I've done the "stack multiple roofs" scheme - that was sort of the "old skool" approach but was reliable if not a little hard to manage.  The current roof just doesn't seem to be able to deal with "real world" scenarios - in very simple designs, it seems to be able to cope but anything more than VERY simple constructs, it just seems to fail.


Personally, and this is MY opinion, I would use the roof/roof face as a conceptual tool (probably with few or NO components but at the correct overall thickness) and then draft the details/connections that I need in 2D.


I've attached a simple sectional view direct from the model...


Hope this helps





Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 11.01.03 AM.png

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