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Dynamic Information in OIP/Static Value


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I'm looking for a way to have calculated information appear in the OIP, ex making a simple grid object that will display the total number of points in the OIP. For a simple 10x10 grid text like "Total Points: 100" would show. Looking through the Marionette Implement a Node guide (http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/Marionette_Implement_a_Node) seems to point toward a Static Value if I'm understanding what I'm looking at correctly.  I lack any real python knowledge and my attempts to use other nodes for reference to create a node aren't working for me. Is this the correct direction, and is there a way to implement this function into a marionette object that I'm not finding? 


Assuming I'm heading in the right direction here, is there any way to implement this as a stand alone node that can get values plugged into it within the network? I'm surprised to not find any current implementation for all the OIP functions in the node library. I was ecstatic to stumble across the Separator Node in  @sbarrett's Festoon Strings object, and working with that has been a game changer for a lot of my little projects. It would be lovely to have easier access to similar functions in the OIP. Will nodes like this eventually end up in the main Marionette library?



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