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Problem exporting 3DS file and "Normals" Displaying

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I originally posted this on another forum and it was suggested I would get more help here.


I am using MA2/MA3D, version 3.8, not MA3 for this project. I am using VW2020 SP 2.1 just updated this morning from 2.0. I have worked a long time in MA3D, and now trying to make the change to VW2020 hasn't been the easiest. I want to be able to import into MA3D what I see in VW2020, and so far, that has not been simple at all.


I am having issues exporting from Vectorworks 2020 to MA3D. The problem as I understand it from talking to people is the "normals" are flipped on the model? Models are not showing the same exterior. Here is what happens:


I export the model as 3ds, include textures. I have tied as jpeg and png, neither change the results. In the Open Gl render in vw2020 you see the stage complete. When I import it into MA3D, the surfaces of the items are translucent. Everyone I have asked says it has to do with the normals being flipped but have no idea how to fix it. The picture I attached is a file I started just trying to learn how to use the program. I added a basic stage from the stage tool. I added a basic LED Wall from the tool in the events tab. Both of these are simple items that are internal to the program, and I would think have nothing special about them.

When I click on the the stage deck and 3D options, each piece is set to default "Black" They do not have a texture assigned. When viewed in Open GL in VW2020 they display correctly. Once exported, they display with no stage top.

For the LED Wall, it has a texture of a picture I imported and made of the video map. I was not sure how to get the LED wall to "display" the map without making it a texture. Is there a way to assign the image directly to the surface?


I have included an image of what is happening as an example. Left side is Open GL in 2020. Right side is how it imports into MA3D.


Any help or ideas would be really appreciated.



Anthony Wayne


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