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11.5 Crashing

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I just started using 11.5 on the PC and have noticed that it crashes alot more than the previous version. I would normally have about 2 crashes a month using the program everyday for 5 hours a day. With 11.5 it's crashing about 4 times a day. And all I'm doing is scrolling, editing text blocks, etc. Nothing that I would say should crash the program. Has anyone else found this?

I have a 850 Mhz with 384 Meg of RAM running Windows XP. Thanks.


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Have you installed updates? Some time ago Nemetschek released a patch for 11.5 Windows version of Vectorworks and I see they have just released 11.5.1 upgrade, so maybe that's better to download and install.

Depending on the files sizes I'd say 384 meg was a little lean for ram on any system today, certainly with what Windows XP needs to run.

What version of Vectorworks were you running before 11.5 ?


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I'm having the exact same issue, program works for about 10-20mins before crashing, I've installed all the upgrades up to 11.5.1 and the most recent up-to-date version of quicktime. I've tried reinstalling everything with no affect. I'm pretty sure its not my system as I have 2.5gb of Ram on a 3.2ghz machine.... its driving me mad!

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