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Worksheet without placing plants

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This may seem like an odd question, but is there any way to create a worksheet using chosen plants without actually going through the action of placing the plants on the drawing? Sometimes I have been hand-drawing my plants after creating a siteplant on Vectorworks. I can do this very fast so it saves me alot of time. BUT, I have customized my Plant database with 'comments' that include maintenance. I would like to use that as a database and print that out on a separate sheet as a worksheet. Can that be done without going thru the action of placing plants so they show up on a worksheet? If so, could I manually fill in the quantity?

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I've never tried anything like that before Justine, but since no one is answering, I do have one idea that would work for you. First off, I should ask if you edited the plant database from within vectorworks, or if you customized you plant list in microsoft excel or filemaker? Assuming you simply edited the database from within vectorworks, I have a suggestion. In my version of vectorworks, which is 9.5.1, the plant database is actually a .txt file (comma delimited) located in this path (which should be the same for you): C:\Program Files\VectorWorks LANDMARK 9.5.1\Plug-Ins\VW_Land\Data. In the Data folder, you should find a file named plant database.txt (unless you created your own with a different name). MAKE A COPY of this file and put it somewhere else on your computer. DO NOT do anything to modify this file until you have made a copy and only mess with the copy of the file. Now, if you have excel, access, or filemaker you could open this file and manipulate the data (hope you know how to use one of those programs) any way you want and create custom plant lists that way. Until I started using vectorworks, that is what I did in my days of hand drafting and I printed off the lists on "sticky-back" transparencies.

Having said all that, (whew) I should say that in other words there is no way I can see for you to do what you want from within vectorworks.

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