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Highest Record Number

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I was advised to pop this topic into the Python scripting area, as it's more of a script than a tool!


I need a way of finding out what the highest number is of a specific record and then putting it on the drawing (ideally auto updating!)


This is for a few things, chair/table number (don' really like the auto creation tool!) and cable numbers on schematics, these are just a couple of current requirement, but i just think it would be really useful!


I have little experience with scripting (and non in Vectorwork), so any advice or instruction would be greatly! 😀 

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I think the best way is to create a database and link the database to a symbol. 


To Update the Database use a simple script something like this:

(this one is for spaces)


import vs

c = ("(PON='Space')")

number = vs.Count(c)




In the second line you can change your search criteria.

In the last line the script write the number in your database.








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