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Selected by String criteria

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I just built this node to be able to "marionette" the "Crit" of Obj by Crit


You have to put the "criteria" text in the String Node. It will be passed to the new node and command his action.

By so you could act on the "criteria" string using marionette text and string nodes.


It seems to work.


Hope it will be useful.


I am pretty sure DomC has published something like that but cannot get my hand on it. Hi DomC. I am a fan of your work.






#COMMAND;REFFILE;[VWLibDef]/Input\Objs by Crit Mat.py;
#Modified August 2018
class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass):
    this = Marionette.Node( 'Objs by Crit Mat' )
    this.SetDescription( 'Returns a list of objects meeting the input criteria' )
    #Input Ports
    stringIn = Marionette.PortIn('', 's')
    stringIn.SetDescription( "The input string" )
    #Output Ports
    obj = Marionette.PortOut('h')
    obj.SetDescription('The list of objects in the document that match the criteria')

def RunNode(self):
    stringIn = self.Params.stringIn.value
    out_list = []
    def Add_Handle(obj):
    wordTofind = "SEL=TRUE"
    searchInlist = stringIn
    searchInlist = searchInlist.replace(" ", "")
    if  wordTofind.lower() in searchInlist.lower():
        new_list = []
        parents_list = []
        for e in out_list:
            p = vs.GetParent(e)
            if  vs.GetType(p) == 11 and p in out_list:
        for g in parents_list:
            if g in new_list:
        self.Params.obj.value = new_list
        self.Params.obj.value = out_list

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