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Placing symbols using node

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I can't figure out how to place a symbol in this cabinet that I've made.

I know there is a symbol node, but how do I use it?


Attached is the cabinet with the symbols (adjustable legs).

Marionette cabinet.vwx

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Here are a few scripts that work by placing 3D symbols at specific locations.



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I've got it working, thanks for your help.

I think it didn't work because I used a name input instead of a string input.

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Is there an input node where you can select a value from a pulldown menu in the OIP?

For example:

I have a Lemans cabinet with specific widths. 

In the OIP it says 'Lemans 600' and the values that comes out is 600mm.

And one for 'Lemans 500' outcome 500mm.

And also for a 450mm and 400mm version.

With the outcome I can set the width of the cabinet.

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There is a way you can create this. You can use a Popup node in the Input folder. You have to edit the script inside by deleting the top line of the script and then adding the choices into the appropriate part of the script. The output of this node is the index value of the selection you make from the popup list. for example, if you have four choices: ['Red', 'Orange', 'Yellow', 'Green'] the corresponding index values will be [0, 1, 2, 3]. You can build a corresponding list of values and use a Get Item node to draw the correct value from the list. 



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