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python plugin object from marionette plugin object

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I have created a marionette plugin object. I need the object to run in pre marionette VW versions, and I'd quite like to lock down the marionette network so it does not break anyway. From marionette , its possible to save the marionette script as a Python script, and sure enough it generates a python script for me. 


However, when I run the script, it creates a single instance of the object using all the default parameters. I need the script work as a plugin object with the same parametric functionality, only without it being a marionette object.


Is this easy? am I missing a simple step here? Or is it actually quite complicated to generate the object info controls???


Also, I think I recall python only coming in to vector works around 2012? So I'm guessing even the python script would not work for older legacy versions?




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Thanks so much for the suggestions. I've been through this and it is incredibly helpful. I feel 75% of the way through. I need something slightly different, and I'm hoping its as easy as adding the P into to the script.


I have the a python script Point object now in my work space (its a point object script in my case, not a tool script) - this is all worked out from the example. In Alan's example, he is able to call on the parameters at creation, but if you look 6:04 in the video, it does not bring those parameters into the OIP for change after creation? For my point object, this is needed.


Also, I have set up several sliders and pop ups in my marionette script. I really need these to come through to the point object, as they appear in the marionette object? 


Is this possible? I think its the sliders that are will not work?


Thanks again for any help.

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