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Quicktime not found

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VectorWorks 10.5 and 11.0 on Windows XP:

Upon opening VW11, an error box displays saying: "Support for image compression formats is not available from QuickTime . . .reinstall QT . . ." VW10.5 has a similar message with slightly different wording.

Quicktime 6.5 was installed from the VW11 CD and is working properly. How can I get VW to recognize QT? Thanks,


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I reinstalled QT6.5 from the VW11 CD. Under Custom Install I selected: Essentials, Still Image, Effects, Diagnostics. I had no registration number for QT. I use Windows Media Player as my default media app. So, under Browser/Mime Settings I selected only Still Images. Under File Associations I selected only Still Images. In VW 10.5 and VW 11 I still get the message that "Quicktime is not found". Any suggestions? Thanks, JE

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You can still use the other stuff as the default program - just make sure you don't set QT to use those things. To do this, launch QT and go through the settings for default stuff OR right click on any of the media files and make sure you set "Opens with" to the MS Media player.

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