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Wall recesses in IFC


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I'm trying to create a wall that has vertical and horizontal joints (essentially just the outermost layer of concrete removed). I've attached a picture of what I'm trying to achieve. At the moment I'm creating the horizontal joints by lowering the top bound of the outer layer in the wall definition, and the vertical joints by creating wall recesses. However there is a problem that these recesses do not export to IFC.


Using a symbol seems reasonable considering that the wall has about 1000 of these joints. However I cannot make a symbol of the recess itself and I cannot make a recess with a 2d symbol (rectangle). I can only make a recess with a symbol that is a box and in that specific case it does not show up in IFC. Why could that be? Is it a bug? Are there any other ways to create these joints?






wall with joints.jpg

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