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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to forum usage, I will update this list as questions arise... frequently:



How do I hide myself from the Online User List?

To have your account not appear in the user list to other members (Admins and Moderators will always be able to see everyone) at the login screen, there is a checkbox for Log in Anonymously:



Checking this box will make your activity and logged in status invisible to standard members. You will always see yourself in the online user list, but others will not.



How do I set up an email digest for items I want to follow?

At the top right of any subforum or post there is a Follow button. Click this, and you will see various options for how notifications from that specific subforum are delivered to you:




You can have separate notifications settings per subforum if you like. Most users looking for a digest format will want to choose "One Email Per Day" or "One Email Per Week" from the list. The top option, Notifications, only alerts you when you actively logged into the forums unless you have customized your notification settings (described below) to do otherwise.



What is the Activity Feed?

Activity Feeds are the easiest way to see just the topics or subforums you care about.  To create one, from the menu along the top, click Activity > My Activity Streams > Create New Stream:




Here you can configure which subforums and types of content you wish to be alerted to. You can save this as a bookmark, or click Set As Your Default Stream at the top left if you like:




How do I control what Emails and Notifications I get?

Your notification settings can be configured to email for everything, email you nothing ever, or send you a digest on a daily/weekly basis. To control these notifications, go to Account Settings under your profile menu on the top right:




Then click "Notification Settings" on the right side:



From here you can choose what emails you and what gives you a little notification alert on the forums directly. Please let me know if you have any trouble configuring this and I can assist you.



What else might I need to know?


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