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Im a newbie to Subdivision modeling and wondered if you can tell my why the 3d grabber tends to change orientation. If I drag select the same vertexes, the grabber will align differently? Also, when I hit the tab key to select an exact position, the direction of movement is backwards. For instance, if in a front view, I choose to move a vertex to the left and I put a negative number in, the vertex moves to the right? Similarly, if I tab-select a vertex to move it to the right, it requires a negative number? Any thoughts?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The 3D draggers movement in positive and negative is relative to its orientation and start point, not document coordinate directions like when you're moving objects with the Move tool in a given standard view.

The alignment and orientation of the widget is attempting to read what you have selected and provide a useful average of the various possible orientations, but you can use Re-position Mode (The third mode group) and set it wherever you want, then set it back to Translate/Rotate/Scale mode to make the desired changes in the selected orientation.

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