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  1. Hello, Im working on a drawing and have several extrudes that show fine in every view except Top view and it doesn't matter what render mode that Im in? 1010 Kingos jet REV.vwx
  2. Hi Pat, I started to have this issue yesterday while working on my iMac. This morning I woke up and tried my MacBook Pro and had the same problem after working on if for about 30 minutes. When I click on an object, it highlights but nothing is shown in the OIP? As of right now, Im back on the iMac and its working fine but it seems like a bug since I've had it happen on both computers?
  3. Hello, Im wondering why when I click on an object in Vectorworks 2020 SP3.1 it does not show up in the OIP. It will if I drag select it but not if I click on it. This can be a simple 2d shape or a lighting device?
  4. Hi markdd,


    Thanks for the reply. I'll look into your reference post. What I also discovered is that the pipe may start out as a 3d symbol but later in my plotting work, it switches to a 2d symbol? Strange!

  5. Hello, Well I've just started using Vectorworks. 2018 and nothing seems to be working very well. Now Im trying to create a simple lighting pipe. And it only shows up in 2D Additionally, one end of the pipe is capped? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick Pipe example.vwx
  6. Im a newbie to Subdivision modeling and wondered if you can tell my why the 3d grabber tends to change orientation. If I drag select the same vertexes, the grabber will align differently? Also, when I hit the tab key to select an exact position, the direction of movement is backwards. For instance, if in a front view, I choose to move a vertex to the left and I put a negative number in, the vertex moves to the right? Similarly, if I tab-select a vertex to move it to the right, it requires a negative number? Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks Zoomer, it was the preference setting! Cheers, Rick
  8. Hello all, Im relatively new to 3d modeling in Vectorworks and cannot figure out how to place a 3d Loci? I've tried to place one from every view and nothing shows up? The 2d Loci works just fine. Any ideas? Thanks, Rick
  9. Thanks for the follow up phone call Juan! It seems like you're going to work it all out. Best, Rick
  10. Is Vectorworks going out of business? I've noticed a decline in customer service in the last 6 months and am surprised because it used to be very good. I've paid for "on demand" training and cannot even get the company to get back to me either by email or phone? After sending several emails requesting a training session and NOT receiving a response, I finally called and spoke to Chris and he then informed me that they don't have anyone to offer the training but that he would find someone in the company that could help me out? Well I still haven't heard back from him and its been over a week. I've left a message with Juan who's in charge of sales and he has not returned my message either? I like the software but is this really what this company is all about? Does upper management realize this is going on? If someone can point me in the direction of a contact that gets things done at Vectorworks, I'd surely appreciate it! Rick Thomas
  11. Unchecking the leader line did not remove it thru the dimension?
  12. Thank, that works what was looking for a method that doesn't require the fill?
  13. I tried removing the leader line but it made no difference?
  14. Additionally, where can I find more info on what the blue circles mean when double clicking on a dimension?
  15. When creating dimensions, how can I get my dimension in the middle of the dimension line without the line traveling thru it?
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