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10.5.1 File Opening Quirk

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Since updating to 10.5.1, I'm having a problem when I open more than one file. I have one file open, and use the VW File>Open command to open another file. The new file opens, and is the top window, but the first file remains the active file. I have to go to the Window menu and switch to the new file to make it active.

OS 10.2.6

VW 10.5.1

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Well, it's not quite the same behavior as I was getting before the update.

Before 10.5.1, I only had a problem with active windows after going to the desktop and trying to return to VW by clicking on the dock. Then I'd have a problem switching the active file using the Window menu.

Also, there's a post talking about having this problem when opening multiple files by double clicking from the desktop finder.

This is the first time I've had a problem with active files without leaving VW. I'm opening these files one at a time from the VW file open menu.

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For us, this is a new and expanded issue with 10.5.1, and was not evident in .b. Not sure how this is an Apple issue, if 10.5 and .b did not exhibit this behavior, at least to the extent of 10.5.1.

A work-around is to minimize the windows not in use, and then VW knows the "active" file.

We have learned to tile the windows of desired active files, so that when selecting a file, the edge of a window is always selectable.

os 10.2.8

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You can send this to bugsubmit@nemetschek.net and they will look into the issue. I know there have been repots of the problem you mention but are problems of Apple rather than VW.

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Previously I was misunderstood on the issue.

The first time this problem cropped up, it was OS related. THe second time the problem cropped up - VW 10.5.1, it was not an OS issue.

The problem has been fixed in VW 11.0.0.

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We have 50 users, and I can't upgrade that number of users to version 11 until I know it is stable - in my experience normally a few months with major Vectorworks releases. So at the moment they are all stuck with this problem.

If this problem was made by 10.5.1, surely there should be some patch available (10.5.2?) to fix it rather than a forced paid upgrade to 11.0.0.

I've now had 2 members of staff seriously mess up drawings that were in the background without realising it.

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