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The bugs and marvels I have found in 10.5.1b

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Hello, this is my contribution for making VW a better app... hehe

I have found two bugs using VWA + RW in an iMac DV 400 with 768 Mb of RAM.

1) When accidentally I opened VW in my new iBook, a message appeared in the iMac telling me I couldn't use the serial number in two machines.OK. It asked me to save before quit, and I did so. The two files that were opened and supposedly saved at that tine got corrupted and turned into 0 Kb (they had 4 Mb of size before that). I lost them. I recreated the situation again and sometimes it happened, and others didn't. Very strange but DANGEROUS.

2) I created a custom workspace for myself and sometimes when switching from the single line tool to double line tool or the inverse, the single line tool button becomes gray and the line (of the button) disappears. Not a serious thing, but looks like a poor software error!!!

That is it.

I would also like to post a very big improvement for me since 10.5. VW has never again crashed to me, and I used to have frequent crashes before. Since 10.5, absolutely none. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Now I have sold my loyal iMac [Frown] and I will do all my work in my new iBook G4, I hope the good behaviour will continue.

Thank you,


I forgot to post that I'm using Panther, now at 10.3.2

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See if you can duplicate the following crash. (I've sent the crash report to the tech email; don't know if anyone reads that address or not. :-)

Open two files. Select the text tool. Click in the drawing space to activate the tool. Use the keyboard shortcut (CMD-tilde) to change from one open file to the next.

The crash does not occur when changing files via the "window" menu.

The crash will sometimes occur when opening a new file from the finder but other strange behavior appears. iIn one case, the inability to exit the tect tool.

Otherwise, I, like you, have found the Panther-VW 10.5.1b combo to work like a charm.



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