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Roof Cutouts Tools Not Working with Roof Styles

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I have simple gable roofs that intersect, both at slightly different elevations.  I'm using roof styles (first time), with decking and metal roofing components extending a few inches beyond the core roof object.  


When I go to trim for the intersections of the roofs, I'm having no luck using either the Clip Tool (basic) or the Clip Surface Command.  Layer and class options are both set to S/S/MO.   I'm using a 2D 'roof-trim-template' set on the screen plan, accurately made from a viewport with hidden line rendering.  When I attempt to cut, I'm in Top/Plan.  My trim-template is moved to the front, the roof object to be cut is moved to the back.  

1)  Clip Tool on Roof object:  

I select the roof, then select the Clip Tool, exclusion mode, polygon mode, and then use my trim-template as a guide.  After the cut, the section of the roof with the cut, looses all of the styling settings and extensions, and is unusable.  

2)  Clip Tool of Roof Face object:  

If I ungroup the Roof object into Roof Faces, the Clip Tool 'kind of works', but is unusable; the roof style stays, but unfortunately the decking and metal components in my style now extend everywhere ... in the cutout area (unwanted) and now also at the ridge (unexceptable), with no ability to fix or edit.

3)  Clip Surface Command on Roof object:  

I select both the Roof object and my trim-template, the command is selectable (in black), but does nothing. According to Help, this is suppose to work.  

4)  Clip Surface Command of Roof Face object:  

After the cut, the Roof Face looses all of its styling, and is unusable.  


Before roof styles, I used the AEC Create Roof command to build the structural component of the roof, then used separate objects on top of the roof to get the overhanging layers I needed.  It seems that Roof Styles have almost no ability to adjust, like Wall Styles.  


Any suggestions, before I revert back to using separate objects to handle roof component overhangs.  



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