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The dongle driver must be installed for OS 9 as well as OS 10.

You can download the driver at ealaddin.com and install it while the computer is running in OS 9.

You can also install VW while running in OS 9 to force the driver install. This will create a second install of VW which may be confusing.

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We work with Mac G-5 system Pantera and with Hebrew.

VW 10.5.1b doesn't work with Heb in Pantera sys'.

So we need to switch to classic mode in order to write hebrew in owr drawings.

But Pantera system can't be launch in OS9, we need to start it in Pantera sys' and it opens in classic when necessery.

We tried to install alladin's dongle with sys' 9 running as you sujested, and still we got the same resault (dongle driver missing). We also tried to install another VW in with system 9 running, ordering it to be installed in application9 folder, but we are not sure it was really installed in 9.

In any case it didn't change.


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If the dongle light is not on and the dongle is plugged in, the dongle driver is not fully installed.

After you downloaded the dongle driver, did you run the download to install the driver?

I think you might need to have the full OS 9 installed on the computer to get the dongle driver to load in the classic environment.

[ 12-02-2003, 12:10 PM: Message edited by: Katie ]

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I'm sorry, the typo of "no" in the first post lead me to believe the dongle light was not on.

If you are running in OS 10, the dongle light may be on because it's running the driver for OS 10.

I don't think you are going to be able to run the dongle version in classic without the full OS 9 installed.

The dongle driver doesn't seem to be installing under OS 9, probably because it's not a full OS.

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