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1. Shouldn't the 'Printing' forum be updated? There's no mention of VW 9.x.x not being approved for use on MacOS X.3 (it's not NNA's fault, but a warning would be nice), or of VW 9 (maybe 10 also) not wanting to plot (or print?) at a scale of less than 25% or greater than 400% (these limits were in place for VW8.x.x under MacOS 9).

2. I have a drawing that won't plot under certain conditions. It is a LARGE floor plan, but not yet a very large file (2-3MB give or take). Page setup to 24"x36", plotting at <100% prints a blank 24x36. Plotting at 100% plots just fine. Changing the drawing's scale to fit on the 24"x36" sheet, then plotting at 100%, also works fine.

Here's the print flow:

Client [MacOSX.2.6, VW9.5.3] prints to shared print queue, on

Print host [MacOSX.2.6, no VW] sends to plotter connected to

RIP machine [MacOS9.2.1, no VW, HP RIP software] and sends to

HP DesignJet 500PS Plotter

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