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panning with mouse

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Hold down the space bar and you enter 'Boomerang' mode. This allows you to pan with the pan tool. You can do it at any time, even in the middle of drawing a polygon.

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thanks for your reply. let me give a little more precision to my question: with the scroll wheel mouse I am able to zoom in and out by holding alt and scrolling, ie not having to go and click on the zoom tool. Is there anyway to access the pan tool in a similar way... not moving the mouse to the icon first? (I hate to say it but kinda like a*#*cad!)


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This is great news. Until I read this post I didn't know these features had been added. To summarize:

While using any other tool, and without cancelling that tool, you can:

1. PAN (move around the page, as if by pressing your hand against the paper and then moving your hand around) -- by holding the space bar down and click-dragging with the mouse.

2. SCROLL up and down -- by rotating the scroll wheel on the mouse.

3. SCROLL left and right -- by holding the Shift key down and rotating the scroll wheel.

4. ZOOM in and out -- by holding the Ctrl key down and rotating the scroll wheel.

I tested all that in version 10.0.0 under Windows 2000. I don't know what the equivalents would be for Mac.

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Yes, I misunderstood...thought he was talking about the space bar with scroll wheel. Got it now thanks for the heads up.


Thanks for the clarification. It is all the exact same on Mac (alt instead of ctrl-the only minor difference).

This certainly helps speed up working!!! Nice additions, Vectorworks.

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