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I am trying to create a framing member take off in a worksheet. I am summarizing my list by label, in other words I have all of the 2"x10" x 16' summarized together with a quantity. Can anyone tell me how to create columns in the work sheet that don't summarize along with the label? The issue I am having is that the columns for width, length, span etc... are adding up all of the widths of the members. I want the column for widths to read 1 1/2" however if I have 30 sticks of lumber it is giving me a width of 45". How do I correct this without having to list each stick of lumber independently? Thanks.

sample worksheet.pdf

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32 minutes ago, jaseweil said:

The sum button is always greyed out as our the ordering buttons. How do I sum (or actually un-sum) several of the columns independent of the summed label column?


that's an odd one and took me a little while to work that out.

you need to highlight the entire row, and then the sum and order buttons become active.

Hope that helps

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