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Rehaul landscape areas to save time editing


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I'm reposting my wishlist item here incase you're interested in voting for it.  I don't know if thats against the rules, but it's a landmark wish and seems to be lost among all the architecture wishes so I figured that you guys were not seeing it.  Please vote here, thank you: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/46373-need-better-workflow-for-editing-landscape-areas/#comment-235852


The post reads:  "The way Landmark is set up means that once I draw a polygon I have to convert it to a landscape area, an irrigation design area, a hydrozone area, and an irrigation drip area.  Having all of these different objects works up until the point at which the design starts changing.  Then I have to edit the size/shape of each object individually every time the architect changes their design or the planning department asks for a change.  This is a huge time waster in my office and incredibly mind numbing work.  


Can you either link all of the areas so editing the size/shape of one of them edits them all -or- allow one area to contain all of the same information?"

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