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So I was trying to get wall areas through the vectorscript/python module, but I can't seem to crack it.


The available calls we're given are:

WallArea_Gross (criteria based)

WallArea_Net (criteria based)



I have a list of walls, and I'm wanting to iterate through each wall in this list and retrieve it's wall area.


I'm not using the worksheets because I'm writing these values directly to a csv file. And I've had to write separate functions to loop through(look into) Design Layer Viewports (which VW can't filter for in worksheets) to get handles to walls in layers visible in those layers.


So simply, how would I run those criteria based functions above, through a list of handles to a wall.


crit = "(T=WALL) & (HANDLE=h)" <-- ???????
areas = []
for x in list_walls:
	a = vs.WallArea_Gross(crit)

Thanks in advance!

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   Give each wall a name, 
   Call your Area function (criteria by name),
   Delete the name,

crit = "N='George'"
for x in list_walls:
	vs.SetName(x, 'George')		# assuming x is a handle from list_walls
	a = vs.WallArea_Gross(crit)




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Thanks @MullinRJ..


Unfortunately, I can't go down this route as I'm iterating through handles to walls that are on different layers throughout the file (in this case, a Project Sharing File), and I don't have exclusive access to each layer (5 floor plans across three towers = 15 floor plans). It's not really feasible to have checked out each layer every time I need to call this function for wall take offs (name wall, get info, delete name).


However the getPrefs from the Dev Wiki suite my needs perfectly:


list_areas_gross = []
list_areas_net = []
for x in list_walls:
	gross = vs.GetObjectVariableReal(x,608) #left side of wall
    net = vs.GetObjectVariableReal(x,611) # left side of wall

total = sum(list_areas_gross) #etc, etc


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