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C. Andrew Dunning

Landru Design Producer's Pack Tools Updated!

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Greetings, again, from the world of Landru Design!


Coinciding with the release of Vectorworks 2017®, every single one of our tools has been updated and a new tool has been added to the family!


The highlights:

  • Asymmetrical dispersions and ceiling speakers are now possible with AudioBox 2.
  • Curved blended projection screens with adjustable blending regions are now easily created by VS4-Blended Screen.
  • Along with adjustable trim settings, panel overlap control and fullness accounting make SoftGoods 2 even more powerful.
  • A new Classing system in ALL of the tools allows you to choose which parts are assigned to Classes and to define custom Class names. (Many thanks to Kevin Linzey and our special relationship with Vectorworks® for that one.)
  • The new tool, Stanchion Layout, builds easily-modified layouts of stanchions and associated belts, chains, or ropes - pieces that SEEM simple but that, without the tool, can be incredibly tedious to build and adjust.
  • A LOT of continued general refinement.


All of the tools work in ANY Vectorworks® "flavor" (with or without the Spotlight or Designer packages) in every version from 2014 to the newest, 2017 - and, history has shown that users' chances of getting fairly quick turn-around on fixes and adjustments is pretty good - regardless of the Vectorworks® Service Pack schedule.


If you're interested in more info or would like to download manuals for the tools, stop by http://www.landrudesign.com/VWPlugIns.htm. Also, feel free to e-mail directly with any questions using the contact link in the Web site below.


Best Regards and Happy Vectorworking...




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